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How to collect Stool and Urine samples

Follow these simple stool sample steps:

Fresh is best! Collect your dog's sample right after they do their doody and bring it to your vet or refrigerate immediately.

A sample that's not been picked up off the ground right away could become contaminated by pollens, bugs, and other environmental contaminants - making diagnosis more difficult.

Double bag in a plastic bag or use a veterinarian provided container.

Deliver your dog's sample to your vet within 12 hours to make sure it's the best possible sample for testing.

Your gift of poop doesn't need to be the whole bag (looking at you, Great Danes). Bring a golf ball size sample.

How to collect your dog's urine sample:

Try to get as fresh a sample as possible (ideally within a few hours of your dog's appointment).

With your dog on a leash and your collection vessel (glass or plastic, shallow Tupperware type container or a soup ladle) in hand, take your dog outside. ( Suggestion: use a container that you don't care about getting back).

Use a clean container

Keep your dog close to you and pay close attention - never use a retractable leash and don't be checking your emails or chatting on your phone - the moment can come and "go" quickly!

When your dog squats or lifts their leg to pee, carefully place your container into their urine stream and gather a sample of their pee. Immediately cover the container after collection so as not to contaminate or spill it. That's it, easy peasy ... most of the time, at least. 

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